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I think we all just want that one person who would do anything to keep us from swallowing a bottle of pills

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imagine a horror movie where you’re trapped in your house with a serial killer but all your lights are clappers

so you’re running for your life from this psychopath while both of you are just aggressively clapping the lights on and off

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So I was travelling and I had a backpack with me which had a notebook, my purse, a bottle of coke and like 2 maxi pads for vagina reasons
After travelling for a few hours I reached into my bag to grab my purse and it was sticky and the unopened coke bottle was empty
I was feeling my bag expecting a pool of coke at the bottom and why it hadn’t leaked out of my bag and it turns oUT MY MAXI PADS ABSORBED AN ENTIRE FUCKING BOTTLE OF COKE

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I just think it’s sad how some people are scared to admit their feelings for other people. Not just in a crush but in a real relationship too. Like “oh no I can’t tell you how much I adore you because I’m afraid that your feelings about me will be less than my feelings for you. you’ll have all the “power” and you’ll just take me for granted and probably use it against me.” 

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Men want us to kiss them with beards, suck their dicks and kiss their balls with pubes, hug them with hairy arm pits, intwine our legs with hairy thighs, but if women have one hair on our body that isn’t on our head it’s disgusting

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why do so many people think spiders are evil and out to get you

look at this fucking nerd run away in an overly dramatic cartoonish way just because something touched its butt

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